Guns news in the last 12 months was interesting, 2017 wrapped up nicely and the firearms community had some good news and some bad news over the year, which was to be expected. When 2017 opened we were hoping to see a functional version of the pistol in our feature image, the Stryk B. As 2017 ended we found ourselves in the same position as last year when it comes to the Arsenal Firearms USA and the Stryk B.  When I say same position, I mean almost exactly, right down to the recent announcement that was broke on Guns.Com, that the company formerly known as Arsenal USA Firearms has yet again changed it’s name.

Now just when I think I have seen it all, the universe shows me it has a few more tricks up it’s sleeve. The saga of the Stryk B reads like something that can only be described as a worst case scenario for a firearms enthusiast. When I sat down and read the article and press release at Guns.Com I was hit with the normal wave of emotions, frustration, anger, and pity, and I will explain why in a few moments. Lets look at the checkered history of this pistol who’s manufacturer has changed it’s names several times over the past few years, and why at the end of the day it’s the poor suckers who at the end of  the day have ponied up cash and have a very real chance of never receiving a firearm.



The Name Game