Line up, ladies! Hit the deck and give me twenty-two!

Remember the viral #22PushupChallenge in 2016? Maybe it’s time for it to go viral again. Also called the 22KILL Push-up Challenge was a social media campaign to promote awareness for veteran suicide prevention and to honor active military service members and veterans.

Push-up is among the general fitness exercises that emphasize the overall chest, triceps, and core strength, a vital skill a military man must improve. Besides, when you’re at boot camp, you’ll definitely do tons of those. And did I mention that the “right” form must be executed to a point too? That means no sagging or lagging, or drill Sargent will add another hundred more.

Even in deployment, service members frequently perform these exercises to maintain, if not improve, their form and strength. The same goes for veterans.

During most training, an enlistee is required to perform the military push-up, also known as the T-push-up, Dead-stop push-up, or, as the Army calls it, the Hand Release Push-up—and it’s not like your traditional pumping.

Accordingly, one must hit the ground with hands lying flat. Make sure that the hands will be under the shoulders, with your index finger barely inside the edges of your shoulders. Hips, thighs, and chest should fully touch the ground with your head upward. While waiting for the signal, ensure that both your feet are together so it’ll be easier to heave up. Focus your strength on both arms to push your body up, all while keeping your posture in a straight line. When lowering down, make sure you use your elbows and that your chest, hips, and thighs will touch the ground simultaneously. Extend your arms to the sides in the shape of a T.