As the world around us becomes more violent, we need to prepare ourselves ahead of time to be able to react to such situations. For those of us that have concealed carry permits and actually carry on a regular basis, we need to be able to do so without giving off the ‘tactical’ profile. The name of the game here is low vis concealment. One of the companies that is on the forefront of this is 5.11 Tactical. Yes they are known for their tactical line of gear and clothing, but they now offer a full line of low vis gear and clothing. In this article we’re going to take a look at the 5.11 Tactical Defender Flex Jeans. We first saw these at SHOT Show 2017 and since then we’ve been able to wear them and get a good feel for how they work in urban environments.

To the average person these jeans appear to be your normal jeans that you would purchase at a local clothing store. Under the hood though these jeans allow the responsible and prepared citizen to carry the necessary gear to confront violence with, yet look normal among a crowd of people.

The layout of the pockets on the Defender Flex jeans were carefully thought out. I’m able to carry my Glock 26, Glock 19 spare magazine, SWAT-T Tourniquethandheld light and my Hogue OTF blade without looking like a Tier 1 operator walking around.

The front right side (in addition to the standard pocket) has a slim deep cut pocket for either a spare magazine, handheld light or blade. For the time being I’m carrying a Glock 19 magazine as my spare mag.

5.11 Tactical Defender Flex Jeans | Low-Vis concealed carry

On the backside of the jeans (in addition to the standard pockets) are two pockets cut specifically for AR-15 magazines.

5.11 Tactical Defender Flex Jeans | Low-Vis concealed carry