Even if you regularly use mind-altering substances, you probably still have that annoying friend or roommate who’s a little too into it. We’re talking about the guys who insist their weed is preventing cancer or who insist they’ve had spiritual, life-altering experiences on ecstasy (“Molly,” or whatever name MDMA goes by these days). It’s like it’s not enough for recreational drugs to help them have fun at parties or tolerate Thanksgiving with the family — they have to insist that the shit they’re buying off street corners is some kind of miracle cure.

Well, it turns out that Camp: Drugs Can Be Good For You has more members than your roommate and that guy who sold you pills at Bonnaroo. While researching his new book, Cracked editor Robert Evans sat down with a scientist currently testing MDMA on people suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder — Dr. Michael Mithoefer — as well as two of his patients, Tony Macie and Nicholas Blackston. Much to our surprise, he found …

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Image courtesy of DEA