An assembly of paramilitary pro-Russian separatist met within the borders of a member of the European Union and NATO – Bulgaria.

In February 2016 in Bourgas, Bulgarian city on the Black Sea shore, a gathering of 13 various pro-Russian organizations including the “Organization for the Protection of Bulgarian citizens” – Burgas, “20th April”, “Veliko Tarnovo Forest”, “Vazrojdentsi” , G.O.R.A., Club “Dertliev”, “Committee for national salvation”, “Military Union “Vasil Levski “, “Bulgarian militia “Shipka”.

The organizers of this gathering was, “Military Union “Vasil Levski” and “Bulgarian militia “Shipka” with а leader Vladimir Rusev (using the pseudonym Valter Kalashnikov in the social network Facebook), Ivo Borisov – a national coordinator, Krassimir Simeonov – an organizational secretary of the “Military Union Vasil Levski “.

These organizations presented themselves as independent and patriotic, but against the current functioning democratic party system in Bulgaria, using the names of Bulgarian national heroes such as Vasil Levski, Hristo Botev, known Bulgarian rulers from the First and Second Bulgarian states and hiding behind national symbols are calling for eliminating the current democratic system by organizing armed rebellion. In a video message, they say that they will take the power by force. Calling also for “taking the power from the people” and elimination of the existing democratic political and economic system.

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