Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were both former Navy SEALs and both were killed in Benghazi, Libya during Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. Members of the exclusive and close-knit special forces community aren’t satisfied with the answers they’ve received about the death of their friends on September 11th, 2012.

Former Navy Seal Tej Gill started Project Warpath in an attempt to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for the death of his friends in Benghazi, Libya. Project Warpath is selling stickers and shirts with the simple quote “Hillary Clinton Killed My Friends.” Breitbart News spoke exclusively with Gill before the Commander-in-Chief forum featuring Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump answering questions from veterans.

Project WarPath was formed up in May 2016, the original plan was to tell the personal stories of how SEALs ended up on battlefields in the Middle East and Africa,” Gill explained. “Where they grew up, how they ended up in BUD/S and how they ended up in combat.”

Gill went on to explain how he created the “Hillary Clinton Killed My Friends” shirts and stickers:

I got sidetracked making the ‘Hillary Clinton Killed My Friends’ shirts. Because both SEALs killed in Benghazi were good friends of mine and I thought the whole thing was preventable. Not to mention the fact Hillary/Obama didn’t send help and prevented help from getting there.

So it’s personal to me and I’m a firm believer in America first. I’m all in for the fight against Hillary. She killed my friends, lied to their parents and families, then covered it up. So I’m on the war path and she’s the enemy.

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