Most people will ask “what in the world do you need a flamethrower for?” Well, there actually are some practical uses for a flamethrower.

  • Igniting controlled burns for agriculture and land management
  • Melting large amounts of snow and ice – U.S. troops used flamethrowers on the streets of Washington, D.C. as one of several clearance methods for the surprisingly large amount of snow that fell before the presidential inauguration of John F. Kennedy.
  • Pyrotechnic displays – Nothing like igniting a pile of black cat firecrackers with a 50′ stream of a napalm gas mixture!
  • Zombie apocalypse  – this reason may be a little far fetched, but can you imagine the psychological impact this would have on intruders during a grid down or collapse of society? I’m not talking about the taking of life with this thing; I’m just talking about the psychological impact of witnessing with your own eyes the display of power the flamethrower has to offer – it would make me think twice about challenging someone on their property. Just imagine seeing this flame being projected toward you….

Is this legal?

Yes it is. Today in the United States we now have the ability to own and operate personal flamethrowers. In the United States, private ownership of a flame thrower is not restricted by federal law, but is restricted in some states, such as California – check your state and local laws before purchasing and/or operating a flamethrower.

The X15 Personal Flamethrower In Action
An Awesome display of “firepower!”
The X15 Personal Flamethrower In Action
Great balls of fire….

A U.S based company known as X Matter has developed the X15 Personal Flamethrower. The X15 Flamethrower comes fully tested with everything you need, which this means there is no assembly required. Out of the box both the tank and hose assembly are already mounted onto a military surplus LC-2 pack frame.