A rimfire suppressor for 99 bucks? That’s the good news coming from Rebel Silencers with their new SOS-22 suppressor. Rated for .22 LR, .22 Mag and 17 HMR this little silencer offers some intriguing specs.

99 bucks for a rimfire suppressor. The SOS-22

Weight. 3.2 Ounces : That’s incredibly light and due in large part to the lack of a sleeve and a ridiculous lack of baffles.

Baffles: Only three baffles that are detachable from one another allows for easy cleaning and easy replacement if one were to be damaged. At the time of this writing a replacement baffle costs 20 bucks. The baffle closest to the muzzle is the serialized portion and is least likely to have a strike. Hence if you do have a strike it’s likely to be on the non serialized portion which can be easily replaced without having to have a new suppressor sent to you, and you playing the NFA waiting game for 6 months plus.