A Wave of Uncertainty as National Cyber Director Announces Departure

WASHINGTON — Chris Inglis, the pioneer National Cyber Director at the White House, has announced his imminent departure on February 15, triggering a wave of uncertainty in the nation’s cybersecurity landscape. The resignation raises concerns about the future of the nation’s digital defense coordination.

Legislators are urging the Biden administration to expedite the nomination process for a successor as the countdown begins. Senator Angus King and Representative Mike Gallagher, co-chairs of the Cyberspace Solarium Commission, have made a bipartisan appeal to President Biden, emphasizing the pressing need to swiftly fill the leadership void. A delay in appointing a new director could hinder the execution of the national cybersecurity strategy.

King and Gallagher commend Inglis for his role in establishing the National Cyber Director’s office and drafting the National Cybersecurity Strategy. However, they express concerns about the potential fallout from the delay in naming a successor, highlighting the importance of maintaining the office’s prominence. The lawmakers recommend Kemba Walden, the acting Deputy National Cyber Director and former Microsoft counsel, as the interim national cyber director.

Legacy of Chris Inglis and National Cyber Director’s Role