The following is a guest article written by Bill Loftus.- Jack

For those of you truck/SUV fanatics, I’m sure you’ll already have half of this stuff covered. In fact, if you think of anything I missed, please post it in the comments! For those who own a truck but aren’t crazy about taking it to the next level, take away from this what you’d care to.

I had a pickup truck back in college, and to be honest I couldn’t have asked for a better vehicle at that time in my life. Tailgating, driving to the ski mountain, filling it up with water for a Redneck HotTub. It was great. But once I got my utility box, that’s when my truck became truly useful. I had my camping gear, fishing gear, shovel and pickaxe…anything I could ever need right there with me.

After a few years of driving a sedan (Caddy ATS so I can’t exactly complain) I realized how terribly useless my car was. 3” of ground clearance and a trunk that could barely fit my golf clubs wasn’t exactly trustworthy should SHTF. So after four years of driving a car that could calmly cruise at triple digits, I got myself another truck. Terrible gas mileage, but I finally feel at home.

Granted, it’s a fully loaded Avalanche LTZ so it’s not exactly the ‘work truck’ I had back at school, but I’ve gotten myself back into the mindset of having a minimum amount of gear with me at all times. Actually, the Crate Club has given me about half the shit I have in it. The other half I got after hours of research. And that’s what this article is about… how to up fit your truck into something you’d feel comfortable with in any situation.

First and foremost, what you need to take into consideration is where you live geographically. What makes sense in Vermont (where I lived for six years) would be just shy of useless in the Arizona desert, and visa versa. Next step would be your list of typical activities/uses of your beloved rig. Camping/off-roading would require certain tools that a regular road warrior might not. So how do you know if you have what you might need, and what do you leave out in order to make room for more logical options?

One other thing to keep in mind, is the company you keep. Who would potentially be with you? Does it make sense to have more than one tent? Food/water supplies? Would a two person tent suffice, or should you have a five person tent for the whole family?

I’d say that no matter where you live, and no matter what you do with your truck/SUV, you should have the following: