Aside from the Javelins and the NLAWs, there’s another not-so-secret weapon wreaking havoc on the invading Russian forces in Ukraine, and that is the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2 armed drone. It has had a successful campaign thus far, destroying Russian convoys comprised of armored vehicles, towered artillery, and of course, Russian troops.

It seems that these drones have exposed a large gap in Russian air defenses in Ukraine, leaving their ground troops and convoys vulnerable to airstrikes by the Ukrainian Air Force and the Bayraktar. The Bayraktar has had a notable following as several videos of it absolutely obliterating Russian vehicles have popped up.

So far, Ukraine has found an answer to almost everything Russia throws at it. Russian tanks and their makeshift anti-missile cages were not a match for Ukraine’s St. Javelin (and NLAWs) and soon Panzerfaust IIIs from Germany. Now, these Turkish armed drones are proving highly effective against Russian armored vehicles, making it a superb morale-booster for Ukrainian forces with its tactical success.