Fort Cavazos’ AH-64E Guardian simulator elevates aviator training to new heights!

In the ever-evolving landscape of aviation technology and training, the United States Army’s Fort Cavazos Flight Simulation Division stands as a pioneering example of efficiency, effectiveness, and safety in aviator training. With its recent acquisition of the AH-64E Guardian multirole combat helicopter simulator, Fort Cavazos has taken a significant stride towards providing its aviators with cutting-edge training opportunities. This simulator not only enables simultaneous training for service aviators but also offers a range of benefits that complement traditional flight training methods.

Meeting the Need for Realistic Training

Located at the Yoakum-Defrenn Army Heliport in Texas, the Fort Cavazos Flight Simulation Division is dedicated to providing realistic flight training experiences for aviation units. The division offers a diverse range of training platforms, including models based on renowned army helicopters like the CH-47 Chinook and UH-60 Black Hawk, which are one CH-47(F) Transportable Flight Proficiency System, two AH-64 (E) Longbow Crew Trainers, one UH-60(L) Synthetic Flight Training System and one UH-60(M) Blackhawk Aircrew Trainer.

One of the primary challenges in aviation training is ensuring that aircrews maintain their proficiency and skills, which require a significant number of flight hours annually. However, the costs associated with operating rotary wing aircraft, including fuel, maintenance, repair parts, and potential aircraft replacements, can be exorbitant.