In an era of rapidly evolving modern warfare, the United States military’s Directed Energy Front-line Electromagnetic Neutralization and Defeat (DEFEND) program stands at the forefront of defense innovation.

Raytheon, a leader in defense technology, has recently accepted a significant $31.3-million contract to develop and test advanced antenna prototypes pivotal to DEFEND’s mission.

This initiative marks a revolutionary step in harnessing microwave energy for aerial threat engagement, promising a new era of defense capabilities.

DEFEND Program: Charting the Course of Directed Energy Defense

The DEFEND program is part of a broader initiative by the US military to integrate directed energy technologies into its defensive arsenal.

While specific details of DEFEND’s development history are not publicly available, the program clearly responds to threats, particularly drones, missiles, and other aerial technologies.

For several decades, the military has been interested in directed energy systems, particularly those utilizing high-powered microwaves. The Defense Department has engaged in different research and development initiatives targeted at harnessing and developing these technologies.

Raytheon’s Mission: Speed and Security at the Forefront

DEFEND’s primary goal is to create a modernized weapon system that uses directed microwave energy to neutralize threats at the speed of light.

This capability is not just about enhancing defense; it’s about redefining it.