The latest episode of SOFREP TV’s Training Cell focuses on combat training and readiness from the air. Veterans from multiple branches of U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) worked with fellow former SOF members and current instructors from Shooter Performance Institute and Last Shadow to refine their skills from a helicopter. Fast-moving aircraft, night flights, multiple weapon platforms and live targets combine for some great footage and another one-of-a-kind episode that is now live at

Fast, Mobile, Deadly

The helicopter is used by a wide-variety of military teams and groups for the full spectrum of missions. The ability to put personnel (sometimes in large numbers) in a specific location at a precise time can lead to battlefield supremacy. However, engaging targets effectively from these aircraft takes advanced training and skill. The team in Episode 6 got a chance to learn from some of the best on what it takes to hit targets from above.

“Helicopters are a very common mobility platform in the SOF community,” said former Army Ranger now SOFREP TV producer Drew Wallace. “And like any mobility piece you need to be well versed in all their opportunities and limitations. Not only is it important to understand the safety aspect during maneuvers, turns, etc., but it’s even more critical to learn effective target engagement while riding the aircraft.

“So, we wanted to test our ability to remain lethal when using the helicopter as a starting point. That ability to remain lethal in any environment, conditions or mobility platform is an aspect that really distinguishes SOF from other units. Last Shadow and Shooter Performance Institute have the experience and capabilities to refine these skills for us.”