Every Marine is a rifleman, but a Marine sniper is not your average rifleman. Their “one-shot one-kill” mindset is heavily influenced by the precision weapons system they use.

The goal of equipping Marine snipers with a superior weapon system brought teams from Marine Corps Systems Command’s Infantry Weapons Systems and Marine Corps Scout Sniper Instructor School to Fort A.P. Hill, Va., for a market research caliber study on a hot, muggy day in July.

“As the Marine Corps’ only systems command, it’s essential that we have Marine Corps snipers shooting and Marine Corps acquisition professionals collecting the data,” said Maj. Paul Gillikin, Special Purpose Weapons Team Leader for IWS. “This is a Marine Corps-driven event with Marines behind the guns, but we are still following along with SOCOM and other Joint Service programs. This data will inform our senior acquisition and requirements officials in buying the next rifle system.”

The goal of the caliber study was clear: to inform Marine Corps acquisition leaders about future Marine sniper weapon system requirements, while leveraging what is currently available in the marketplace. The sniper weapon system has three primary components—the projectile, the rifle and the optic.