The announced they are grounding all C-5 Galaxy aircraft at Dover Air Force Base due to recent problems with the nose landing gear.

AMC Commander Gen. Carlton Everhart said in a statement the command is taking “appropriate measures to properly diagnose the issue and implement a solution.”

“The stand down only impacts Dover, where 18 Super Galaxies are based. The Air Force has a fleet of 56 C-5s. During the stand down, the base will inspect the aircraft’s landing gear to ensure proper extension and retraction, according to an AMC statement. AMC “will work to ensure worldwide mission requirements are minimally impacted,”

Two incidents occurred on July 15 and May 22. Both times, C-5Ms from Dover were unable to lower landing gear at Naval Station Rota, Spain. During the May incident, the aircraft was stuck on the runway for about a day, prompting mobility airmen to find a way to tow it away.” – Air Force Magazine


Featured image of a Super Galaxy aircraft with other C-5Ms in the background Nov. 2, 2015, at Dover Air Force Base photo by Greg L. Davis

This article is courtesy of Fighter Sweep.