A veteran and prominent Palestinian-American Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was shot by unknown assailants during a raid in West Bank early last Wednesday. Israeli authorities have launched an investigation in an effort to determine who killed the reporter truly. However, many allege that it was the Israeli forces who shot her.

The circumstances behind her shooting are unclear as of writing. However, a video that has surfaced online may provide clues to what had happened. The journalist was reportedly wearing a press vest, indicating that she was part of the media personnel covering the present situation in Jenin, a Palestinian city on the northwestern West Bank. Specifically, she was there to cover an Israeli Defense Forces operation amid continued Arab attacks in Israel.

Gunfire was heard near at Abu Akleh’s position. The forces shooting at Abu Akleh have not been determined at this time. However, a few seconds after the gunshots, Abu Akleh was seen lying face-first on the ground. A man behind the camera can be heard screaming for an ambulance, saying, “Shireen! Shireen! Ambulance!”

Two other journalists were beside Abu Akleh, with another individual trying to recover Abu Akleh’s body also getting shot at. Another Palestinian journalist Ali al-Samoodi was also wounded during the operation.