More often than not, you’re never at full strength. A few may be down for illness or injury, others for additional duties, and other have a recovery day. Although, there is that rare mission that comes down the pipes, which everyone seems to be miraculously present for. For instance, the 900 Polizei who showed up to raid a single brothel in Berlin, Germany.

Nine hundred police officers have taken part in a raid on one of Germany’s biggest brothels in Berlin, making six arrests over alleged human trafficking and tax fraud.

The operation follows months of investigation into the Artemis brothel.

Brothel managers are accused of evading some €17.5m (£14m; $19.7m) in social security payments since 2006.

Prosecutors allege that staff at Artemis were forced to pretend to be self-employed to avoid the payments.

Police say the raid was conducted in cooperation with customs officials and tax fraud investigators.

Inside a German mega-brothel

Germany legalized prostitution in 2002, creating an industry now thought to be worth approximately €16bn per year.