The Loadout Room is excited to have an exclusive first look at the latest offering from the Texas based America Grip, The Dagger Multi tool. We have featured the Veteran owned company before when they released their initial offering into the firearms accessory market, the Tool Grip. The Tool Grip is an easy to use tool that was built with the end user in mind, and America Grip has continued that tradition of making tools that shooters want to own with the release of the Dagger. Once the Dagger is in  full production it will be available in two styles, the Clip Dagger and the Kydex Dagger, both models will be available in .223 and 7.62 versions . The Clip Dagger will feature a clip that allows it to be secured to your belt or the edge of a pocket. The Kydex Dagger will not feature a clip but instead come with a Kydex sheath. The Kydex sheath is also made in Texas by a fellow Veteran owned company that America Grip was able to collaborate with, BlackGuard Customs. The sheath will allow the user to secure the Dagger to almost any oval or round object such as a quad rail or to a backpack handle for easy access.

Why would you need a Dagger Multi Tool ?

I can describe it in a sentence: It is simple to use, affordable, and makes life on the range easier when trouble arrives. Anyone who shoots semi automatic military rifles will at some time suffer a double feed. The Dagger’s contoured blade is designed to cup the rear rim of the case and allow the user to clear the double feed with minimal effort. In times past during a range session a double feed with my Noveske AR15 would aggravate me and send either myself or my shooting partner scrounging threw my tool box looking for a tool or some other item to pry the stuck cartridges. Now all I have to do is reach into my pocket and pull out the Dagger. One quick motion and I am back in the fight.

America Grip Dagger Tool: Exclusive Review

Ripped or Split Case…No Problem

I tend to shoot a fair amount of the time with my Polish AKM. When you spend a significant amount of time shooting a Warsaw Pact rifle you end up shooting shitty ammo from all over the earth. The problem with shooting ammunition from places like Russia, Yugoslavia, China, and Serbia is the quality control can be spotty at best. Often times, when shooting this type of ammunition short cuts have been taken in the name of capitalism and that results in shell cases that suffer what is refereed to as Case Head Separation. It’s just what it sounds like, the head of the case separates from the rest of the case leaving the empty shell casing stuck in the chamber, leading to a total stoppage.

America Grip Dagger Tool: Exclusive Review
Case Head Separation . Major buzzkill

The solution lies in the Dagger Tool – there are no tools to assemble, no lubricant to apply and incredibly simple

  1. Remove the Magazine
  2. Lock the bolt to the rear of the weapon
  3. Insert the Dagger completely
  4. Pull rearward with appropriate force to remove the case