There is a traitor among the US Armed Forces. A former US Army helicopter pilot, who is also a civilian contractor for the army pled guilty in federal court on June 23 for acting as a foreign agent of China. According to court documents, he admitted that he was a paid, unregistered agent of China who has received “thousands of dollars” for him to leak military information to the Chinese government.

The former US Army helicopter pilot named Shapour Moinian gave out sensitive aviation-related information to the Chinese government as he was reportedly involved with various unnamed defense-contractor employees.

“Mr. Moinian sold information to the Chinese government, and lied repeatedly to cover up his crimes,” NCIS Office of Special Projects Special Agent in Charge Michelle Kramer said.

“Now he is being held to account for his actions. NCIS and our partners remain unwavering in our commitment to protecting the U.S. military and rooting out criminality that threatens the superiority of the U.S. warfighter.”