The Philippines has long been seen as a strategic location for militaries, and now the country is in the spotlight again as tensions rise between China and the West. The Philippines’ bases offer a unique opportunity to get a foothold in the Asia-Pacific region, and analysts believe that the country could play a key role in any future conflict with China. 

So why is the West so interested in these Philippine bases? Let’s take a closer look.

The Most Strategic Location

The Philippines is a prime location for the West to station its military forces to gain strategic oversight of China’s regional activities. Its position makes it strategically ideal; countries such as the US and the UK, two of the most prominent members of the international community, can keep a watchful eye on Chinese maneuvers while having ready access to essential resources and personnel needed to respond quickly and effectively. Moreover, being present in the estimated 115 million-people-strong archipelago allows a country to project its power across surrounding Asian regions, creating a potential lulling effect if China were to attempt any aggressive maneuvers in any nearby region. The key for Western nations is simply maintaining presence and control over their bases so that they may capitalize fully on these advantages.

Not only does the country provide strategic oversight of China’s activities in the region, but it also provides quick access to essential resources and personnel that is required to respond to any potential threats. And, as an archipelago consisting of over seven thousand islands, its location gives a significant advantage in projecting power across surrounding Asian regions and providing deterrence against any Chinese aggression.