Short answer: Yes

Amid the ongoing tension between the United States and China, the Philippines has expressed willingness to let the US forces use its military bases “in the event of a Taiwan conflict,” including a naval base.

The superpower countries continue to tread on thin ice, with China maintaining its movement around Taiwan and the South China Sea while the US supporting the surrounding Asian countries in monitoring and surveilling any suspicious activities.

Just recently, Chinese and US Air Force pilots had exchanged “verbal blows” over the radio, with the former ordering the latter to fly out of the Taiwan Strait while frantically claiming they have “entered China’s territorial airspace.” In response, the US pilot said it had not violated any military laws in the international airspace and was exercising its rights accordingly. Days later, China posted a video showcasing its latest weapon, the FH-901 suicide drone, in a live-firing event, with reports claiming it is as powerful as the US reconnaissance drones such as the CH-4 and the CH-5.