The Angel Armor Ally One panel is pretty revolutionary. I’ve been carrying it for a few weeks now in a number of different packs. The Angel Armor panel is just so lightweight and convenient I don’t have a reason not to. In real life it gives me an unparalleled advantage in my day-to-day life that causes about as much inconvenience as a hundred-dollar bill. It disappears in my bag, which is currently the Vertx Commuter I am reviewing.

Angel Armor | We All Need an Ally


Speaking of bags it doesn’t just fit in my Vertx Commuter, but in several of my bags. I’ve reviewed most of these bags for the Loadout Room. The Angel Armor Alloy One fits easily into bags as small as the Tactical Tailor CCW Sling bag, it’s an absolute perfect fit for this small bag. It also fits in my Sneaky Bag’s Nautilus pack, the Blue Force Gear Jedburgh pack, and any other standard backpack.

Angel Armor | We All Need an Ally

It’s only 9 inches wide and 12 inches long. It’ll fit in almost any small pack without issue. Yet it’s still a good size to protect your lungs, heart, and some other vital “Don’t shoot” areas like the center of the spin.

Angel Armor | We All Need an Ally
Angel Armor in the Tactical Tailor CCW Bag

Angel Armor – Armor In Disguise

At my day job people know I work here, and most are usually curious about what new bag I’m carrying and why. Showing the Vertx off leads me to showing the Angel Armor off as well. Most people can’t believe just how small, and light a plate of ballistic armor can be. At less than a quarter-inch thick and weighing less than a pound it looks more like an insert designed to make the pack a little stiffer.

Angel Armor | We All Need an Ally
Just a few of the bags it’s compatible with

It adds nothing to my bag, even in the small Tactical Tailor CCW bag it’s basically invisible, and unnoticeable to me whiles carrying that bag, or the Vertx. Yet with both bags I can spin them around to provide a nice 9 x 12 inches of ballistic protection over my chest. I’m protected up to a 44 Magnum Lead SWC, 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP. That’s what Angel Armor states, but fellow Arms Guide writer and Youtuber Graham Bates took a panel out and put it through hell.

Angel Armor | We All Need an Ally

He put 1 45 ACP, 1 9mm, and 1 10mm in the same panel, all FMJ rounds. He then followed it up with 10 9mm FMJs from a supressed MP5. The panel held, and didn’t let a round through. That is some real Level IIIA protection. This all from a panel less than inch wide and weighing under a pound. Watch the video and see it for yourself.

We’ve seen everyday carry guns, knives, and even medical kits. What about EDC armor? Is the next class of EDC awesomeness? Angel Armor certainly fits the bill for EDC armor, especially if you already carry a bag. It’s honestly easier than carrying a gun, and is truly a pack it and forget it item. This isn’t the only unique item Angel Armor carries, check them out here.

Angel Armor | We All Need an Ally
Look how small it is
This article is courtesy of Travis Pike from The Loadout Room.

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