The SOFREP team is stoked to announce a kickass evening of all things bourbon brought to you by our friends at Angel’s Envy. Join us on October 23rd at 9:00 p.m. EST (6:00 p.m. PST) as we sit down with Chris Corbin, New York City bartender extraordinaire and whiskey connoisseur to learn about what makes the Kentucky straight bourbon unique and how to taste, sip and mix it to perfection. It’ll be a good time to knock one (or a few!) back with other SOFREP readers and learn about a great American brand. 

The Event

The event will last about an hour and will be limited to 100 participants. At the end of the tasting, we will open up the event for a Q&A with Chris and our Editor in Chief, Jacob Sotak.

Here’s the rundown of the event: 

    • Introduction 
    • What is Whiskey 
    • What is Bourbon 
    • The Seven Rules of Bourbon 
    • Lincoln Henderson and Family 
    • Double Maturation 
    • Flavor and how to taste Whiskey 
    • Whiskey Glassware
    • Q&A

How to Sign Up

We are limiting this event to only 100 attendees. But this event will be FREE to attend. Just sign up, add it to your calendar, and check back to the event page on Eventbrite on the day of the event for the Zoom link. 

For obvious reasons this will be an online event, so all you need to participate is a computer with Zoom installed and a stable internet connection

Sign Up Here

Exclusive SOFREP Bottle

New York City’s finest distributor, Winfield Flynn, has set aside a whole cache of Angel’s Envy specifically for our readers. You can order your own bottle of Angel’s Envy by clicking on the link below. Use the code SOFREP at checkout, and have the bottle engraved with the SOFREP logo for free. Be sure to order by October 14 to ensure delivery before the event.

Get Your Bottle Here


About Angel’s Envy

Angel’s Envy is a Kentucky straight bourbon finished in port barrels. It is inspired by Lincoln Henderson’s lifetime spent crafting the world’s finest spirits. It’s a total return to the craft, with hand-blended batches of eight to 12 barrels at a time, which they carefully taste throughout every step of the aging process. 

This would be enough for other bourbons, but Angel’s Envy decided to take it further. That’s why they finish every batch in specially selected, ruby port wine casks for up to six months. This imbues Angel’s Envy with notes of caramelized fruit, chocolate, and a deep, smoky undertone. There’s no set time for the finishing process. It’s only Angel’s Envy when they say it is. 

About Chris Corbin

Originally from San Diego, Chris got his first bartending job in Dublin, Ireland in 2000 where he learned the traditions of the job from some of the best. He’s bartended across three continents (Europe, Oceania, and North America), and he’s been in New York for 11 years.

Chris describes his favorite aspect of the industry: “It’s about establishing relationships with owners, bartenders, barbacks, servers, hosts, and the patrons. I get to represent a brand I adore and meet so many people. And I work with the best team in the industry!”

He was brought into Angel’s Envy by another one of our Whiskey Guardians: “I was recruited by ‘Doc’ Dragun, we had briefly worked together and [at] that time we would have ardent discussions about whiskey. I couldn’t get my hands on enough books on the subject, it is a real passion. And I’ve come to realize I’ll always be a student of whiskey.”

But that wasn’t his first experience with our whiskey: “Around the first year after Angel’s Envy was launched, one of my bar regulars who is a whiskey guru was describing this new brand finished in Port Barrels. I was intrigued. A few months later I saw it on the back bar of my favorite bar, I ordered it neat — my life has never been the same since.”

When he’s not representing Angel’s Envy or working behind the bar, Chris has plenty to keep him busy. “I am currently writing my first book. But I also enjoy international travel and oil painting. I play bass in a rock & roll band as well.” The next time you find yourself in New York, look for a Chris Corbin Angel’s Envy event. You won’t regret it!

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