Editors note: Unfortunately, initial reports are usually wrong, and in this case it appears that this might be true. SOFREP just received information from separate sources that have identified the weapon used by Micah X. Johnson as a Saiga AK74. Click HERE to read the new article.- Desiree Huitt 

Initial reports from Dallas described multiple snipers with AR-15s #weaponsofwar.  The ongoing propaganda theme among the tabloids is that the AR-15 has become the weapon of choice for terrorists and mass shooters.  It turns out that the terrorist in Dallas question used an antique, the SKS, (according to CBS News) but the facts never keep the press from a good propaganda theme.

The SKS was designed in the 40’s in Russia.  It is such a basic rifle that it is legal in California with no modification.  With its fixed ten round magazine, the SKS is everything that the gun haters in California say a rifle must be.  It is not black, no pistol grip, no flash hider or folding stock.  It even shoots a intermediate power cartridge, 7.63 X 39.  It is used as a cheap hunting gun across the US. I am sure that at this moment, some law maker in California is writing new legislation to close the mad man with an antique rifle loophole.

The reason the anti-gun forces hate the AR is its popularity, there are between 4 and 8 million of them legally owned in the United States. It is widely owned by civilians and thus available to terrorists, the mentally ill and criminals.

There have been several recent shootings and some not so recent shootings using “Assault Style Weapons”.  Tabloid journalism loves writing about “Assault Style Weapons” and the 1996 Assault Weapons Ban.  This term truthfully reveals the problem, these guns don’t function like assault weapons, but they have a style similar to military weapons.  They look much more dangerous than large caliber hunting rifles which are actually more powerful.

The term “assault rifle” was a propaganda term coined by Hitler himself to describe the Nazi’s then new machine gun which fired a small low recoil round allowing soldiers to control full auto fire. Automatic firearms have been severely restricted from civilian ownership in the United States since 1934. The SKS was never full auto, thus never an assault rifle.

In recent terror attacks in France, the murders used the AK-47, a real assault rifle fashioned after Hitler’s original model.  Since fire arms ownership is highly restricted in Europe, the terrorists illegally bought machine guns on the world market and smuggled them into France. The AK-47 is the most widely spread weapon in the world, with 100 million Kalashnikov rifles currently in use. According to Oxford University economist Phillip Killicoat, the average global price of the assault rifle was estimated at $534 in 2005.  

The state of California has over a dozen overlapping ‘assault weapons’ laws creating a situation where the only people who know the laws are the poor citizens trying to obey them.  Calguns.org has made a flow chart to help the law abiding keep track. The San Bernadino murders used AR type rifles purchased in California, the state with the most ridiculous restrictions in the United States.  The murders illegally modified their guns in violation of California gun laws, then killed people which also violates California law. The California legislature has drafted a dozen new ineffective laws which will make most rifles in the state illegal.  These new laws will be no more effective than the current laws broken by the San Bernadino murders. The Dallas killer could have purchased an SKS in California with a ten day wait.

Before the 1996 Assault Weapons Ban, modern sporting rifles were not as common. The SKS was not effected by this ban and became even more popular.  The ban had the perverse effect of raising awareness of these versatile firearms. The constant assault on the rights of common citizens attempting to protect themselves and their families by politicians protected by armed guards has generated great interest in modern sporting rifles. The common use of rifles by law enforcement on American streets has also helped their acceptance.