Carrying a Glock pistol Appendix Inside the Waistband (AIWB) can generate some anxiety, particularly on re-holstering. The Striker Control Device, created and patented by Tom Jones & Todd Green, provides an added level of safety when holstering.

The Gadget Striker Control Device (SCD) replaces the standard slide plate on the back of the Glock with an all-steel plate and insert. When thumb pressure is being applied to the SCD when holstering,  it blocks the movement of the striker, blocking the trigger bar and prevents the gun from firing.

Passive in operation, the Striker Control Device does not lock or interfere with the normal action of the pistol unless physical force is being purposely applied by the user. When using any normal firing grip, the SCD is not engaged and your Glock fires as normal with no additional steps needed when drawing.




Many law enforcement shooters are taught to keep pressure on the back of the Glock while holstering. This prevents the gun from being pushed out of battery by a tight holster. The SCD uses this same procedure  to provide an extra layer of safety when holstering. Not intended to replace awareness and safe gun handling, it creates an additional link in the chain to help avoid accidents.

According to the Tau Development Group, dozens of SCDs hvae been used on Glocks of different models and calibers and have been tested to a total of more than 300,000 rounds under a variety of conditions. There have been no breakages, failures, or malfunctions. Some of the prototype SCDs have seen in excess of 50,000 rounds each.

If an SCD breaks or becomes fouled by debris, the inner slide plate remains in place and the striker of the pistol is free to move and the gun will continue to fire as normal.

The SCD is CNC machined from 17-4PH stainless steel, has a black oxide finish and works with all Glock models except the 42 and 43. Variants for the 42 and 43 are under development.

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Photos courtesy of American Rifleman