There is an internet typhoon of arguments and smug derision about the AR-15 and other assault “style” rifles like the Sig MCX used in Orlando.  The latest stories indicate that many in the gay and lesbian communities are buying these very rifles in record numbers for self protection.  

Last Wednesday morning, West Hollywood California woke to find posters featuring a rainbow version of the Gadsden Flag featuring a rattlesnake and the words “Don’t Tread on me”. The flags also had the hashtag #ShootBack.  I welcome the LGBTQ communites to our civil rights movement and pledge my support for them and our rights.

I won’t rehash the arguments for responsible gun ownership nor refute those who believe the state should have a monopoly on violence.  I would like to ask one simple question.

I preface my question with these facts. Nearly every police department in America has officers who carry AR-15 rifles or machine guns unavailable to civilians such as the M-4 Carbine.  Our Congress has its very  own police department armed with machine guns.