Unfortunately items like soft body armor are becoming the norm in today’s day and age. With all the threats of terrorist attacks, active shooters and the violent lone wolf attacks, people are looking for options to increase their survivability. Although many Americans carry concealed ready to respond, there are quite a few that don’t for many different reasons. Something you can incorporate into your daily carry or go-bag is a soft body armor insert. These can easily slip into a backpack, messenger bag or briefcase giving you instant ballistic protection against many handgun rounds.

AR500 Armor has answered the call with soft body armor for the average citizen. Their Rimelig level IIIA is purpose build to fit into your EDC bag of choice. AR500 has a quality life saving product at an affordable price. Being able to make this soft body armor affordable allows families to add a level of protection to their lives. The fact that I have to bring this up makes me sick (because I have young kids), but the Rimelig can be easily inserted into their school bags giving them ballistic protection in the event of an active shooter inside their school.

From AR500 Armor: