The Canadian military recently revealed that spy buoys were found in the Arctic Ocean in 2022, leading experts to suspect that China was behind the planting of the devices to keep tabs on US nuclear-powered submarines, especially those carrying nuclear warheads. This revelation followed the sighting of a Chinese surveillance balloon that crossed the United States earlier in the year.

Utilization of Dual Purposes

Dual use is the possibility of an invention or development with positive and negative applications. It refers to the capability of an item, technology, or other invention to be employed for either constructive or destructive objectives.

This SMATH probe, pictured in the Comoros Islands, has a double duty; both keep tabs on the water quality and serve as a lookout for any possible military activity.

Last year, the Globe and Mail reported the finding of buoys in the Canadian Arctic. However, information about their shape, location in Canadian or international waters, or whether they were removed was not mentioned. 

The Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces of Canada declared they are “fully cognizant of recent activities by China to conduct surveillance operations in Canadian airspace and maritime boundaries with the help of dual-purpose technologies.”