Violence erupted once again in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, on Thursday night (April 12), shattering the tranquility of Eid al-Fitr celebrations and raising fresh concerns about the country’s precarious security situation.

Gunfire Erupts in Libyan Capital, Disrupting Eid Festivities

Clashes between the Stability Support Authority (SSA) and the Special Deterrence Force (Al-Radaa) sent residents scrambling for cover as gunfire, including heavy weaponry, echoed through the Abu Salim district, an area controlled by the SSA.

While the hour-long firefight caused no reported casualties, it instilled panic among families celebrating the second day of Eid.

Local media reports described scenes of residents fleeing cafes and parks as gunfire erupted, disrupting the usual festive atmosphere.

Uncertain Cause, Devastating Impact

The cause of the clashes remains shrouded in uncertainty, but local media outlets suggest tit-for-tat detentions by each group may have sparked the violence.

Thankfully, both sides reportedly released their detainees later that night.

This latest incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing struggles plaguing Libya’s fragile government.