The Army has launched two investigations after a deadly truck accident killed nine soldiers and injured three others on Fort Hood, Texas.

Experts from the Army Combat Readiness Center are leading the first investigation. The team visited the accident site on Saturday, said Maj. John Miller, a spokesman for the 1st Cavalry Division.

The second investigation is an AR 15-6, or a commander’s fact-finding investigation, Miller said. The investigating officer appointed to conduct the 15-6 is in the “preliminary stages” of gathering information, he said.

As the investigations unfold, soldiers on Fort Hood will remember the fallen during a pair of memorial services.

Cadet Mitchell Alexander Winey, 21, will be remembered during a memorial service at 1 p.m. Thursday.

Winey was a member of the United States Military Academy Class of 2018, assigned to Company B, First Regiment.

Thursday’s service is being organized primarily for the 120 cadets who are on Fort Hood for Cadet Troop Leader Training, Miller said. About 70 of those cadets were training with the 1st Cavalry Division.

Cadet Troop Leader Training gives aspiring officers the opportunity to train with an Army unit over a three- to four-week period, according to U.S. Army Cadet Command. During this training, cadets serve in lieutenant-level leadership positions in active-duty units and are assigned a unit mentor.