The 118th playing of the Army-Navy game was an instant classic, on and off the field. Played in a snowstorm, one could say that the Army finally found a camouflage uniform that worked the way it was supposed to. And in a year where the Army’s West Point came under a lot of scrutiny for reasons they’d rather not delve into, this was the perfect cure.

Army camouflage? Cadets are barely visible on television as they blend in with the snow. (Screenshot CBS)

The Army held on to win for the second year in a row when Navy’s Bennett Moehring 48-yard field goal attempt veered just left in the driving snow and there was jubilation on the Army sideline. While the devastated Navy sideline saw that their epic comeback missed by just a foot or two.

In a sport that no one wants to come in second place, the goal of the Army-Navy game is to sing second. In their time-honored tradition, the cadets from each academy gather together to hear the song from the school’s alma mater. The losing team sings first and the winners sing second. So this is the one day a year, that the men want to be second. The Army also won the prestigious Commander in Chief’s Trophy for the first time since 1996. It is given to the service academy who wins the triangular series between the Air Force Academy, the US Military Academy, and the Naval Academy.

But perhaps the best moment of the day occurred before the game even began. The National Anthem, a song that has been targeted with such controversy and misunderstanding this year, was sung brilliantly and beautifully by the combine Glee choruses of both the Army and Navy’s service academy.

As the cadets sang the National Anthem with the backdrop of the falling snow, the cameras pulled back and scanned the combined chorus and one could see every type of nationality that makes the melting pot of the US so workable. There were no cadets kneeling or taking a stand for social justice here. The message that the academies were showing the rest of the country is that here, we are all one. Is the military perfect? Of course not and those of us who’ve served will attest to that. But it arguably works better than any segment of our society. It was one of those surreal moments that was perfectly captured and broadcast, that it nearly resembles a propaganda video.