As tradition demands, when a man decides to get married his best man must take him somewhere to celebrate. We had a few ideas but finally settled on Texas. Why Texas? Well hog hunting of course. Greig had always wanted to go (so have I), and I had a Ranger buddy who lived in the area who could help set it up. So after about a 5 min conversation we settled on the idea.

The idea was to work through Thursday and catch the redeye, landing in Texas Friday morning. After getting our rental truck we grabbed breakfast from a Waffle House (I miss these from my Army days). This is where we met up with my Ranger buddy (Will). With breakfast finished we started the 2 1/2 hour drive to the ranch we had picked for the hunt.

I looked around at a few ranches, but decided on this one because they offered a different kind of hunt. Both Greig and myself have sat in blinds hunting big game, we wanted some excitement. No we didn’t get a helicopter, yes we thought about it. Instead, what this ranch offered was a wild hog hunt geared towards semi-automatic rifles. The owner would trap hogs before our arrival (a pre-arranged amount), and then release them on a smaller area of his property (40 acres). We were given an opportunity to set an ambush, and any that got past us we could hunt down.

To save cash (and reduce problems at the airport), Will volunteered to provide the firearms for the hunt. What follows is the weapons used on the hunt.