The fourth of July is approaching, and you’re probably thinking about grilling burgers. You’re ready to baptize the new grill while honoring your beloved country with a classic American tradition during this time of year: the good old backyard BBQ. 

But a lot of you probably struggled along the way. You’ve burned or undercooked many burger patties, leading to unsatisfied guests and disastrous experiences overall. Some of you may even be so discouraged that you never grilled burgers again. 

If you failed once or a few times, you’re not a lost cause. You may have to make some minor but crucial tweaks. And to help guide you toward the right path, we spoke to some experts and got their valuable insight. 

Everyone’s Common Mistakes When Grilling Burgers

So you’re grilling burgers one afternoon, and you notice yourself struggling. You can’t get it right, and you’ve been racking your brain, asking where you might be getting it wrong. 

Here are the usual mistakes everyone makes, according to experts. Take notes and make sure to avoid them next time. 

Poor Meat Handling

In this case, poor meat handling covers essential aspects like shaping, mixing, and flipping. When forming the meat patty, experienced home cook William Chase of KitchenForBeginners shared what he believes is the proper thickness.