President Biden has met with world leaders through a series of emergency summits in Brussels to show Russia that NATO, the Group of Seven, and the European Union are united against its invasion of Ukraine, a war which had just hit the 1-month mark.

“NATO has never, never been more united than is it today,” Biden proclaimed. “Putin is getting the exact opposite of what he intended to have as a consequence of going into Ukraine.”

With Russian forces seeming to be on the defensive in Ukraine following losing vital high-ranking generals and commanders, losing critical areas to Ukrainian forces, and the recent destruction of a Russian landing ship in Berdyansk, Putin is seen to be getting desperate to win the invasion.

It is this perceived desperation that the West had been wary of Russia’s usage of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. This extreme rhetoric from Putin sets the tone for a unified NATO and Western response, with several added sanctions and more military aid to Ukraine.

Here are some updates to keep you up to speed about the back-to-back meetings: