With the increasing temperature over the last decades, it’s no surprise that too much heat is a growing concern for everyone, especially for people working under the scorching heat of the sun. Climate change is proving to be another enemy that seems more powerful than any of us. The good news is we’re humans. And what sets us apart from the rest is our ability to imagine and invent. The soldiers’ need to remain cool and hydrated on warzones gave birth to Qore Performance. 

Necessity Inspires Invention

Co-Founder and CEO Justin Li of Qore Performance ‘initially thought to combine first aid science with athletic base layers while on duty as a sworn law enforcement officer in the California desert. Faced with difficult terrain, a formidable adversary, heavy protective gear, and high altitude, Justin was looking to improve his odds in the field. Unwilling to add more weight to his kit, he realized that efficiently offloading heat to stay hydrated was the best way to boost his endurance, strength, focus, and recovery.’ Improving performance through hydration could help any human who sweats—especially athletes seeking a competitive performance advantage, military warfighters, and law enforcement officers.

Like in many instances, experience is a great teacher. Justin surely didn’t waste the chance to draw inspiration from his first-hand experience. But what exactly is Qore Performance? 

Staying Cool Like Never Before 

Qore Performance designs, builds, and distributes a family of simple, novel hydration and thermoregulation technologies that increase work capacity and offer a decisive advantage to anyone working in challenging environments by weaponizing temperature to boost performance and survivability.