A united vision for cooperation and stability in the Trans-Saharan region was on display during Flintlock 10, a military exercise designed to develop the capabilities of select African Nations, European and U.S. military units and staffs.

The objective of Flintlock 10 is to develop military interoperability as a cornerstone for regional security and stability. Centered in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, but with tactical training conducted in Senegal, Mali, Mauritania and Nigeria, Flintlock 10 will was held from May 2-23, 2010.

Flintlock 10 built upon the successes and lessons learned during previous Flintlock exercises, which were conducted to establish and develop regional relationships and synchronization of efforts among the militaries of the Trans-Saharan region.

A Multi-National Coordination Center in Burkina Faso served as a focal point for multi-national information sharing, as well as the planning of synchronized operations. In the Coordination Center, participants from partner nations received academic training, culminating in a command post exercise. The CPX involved instruction, scenario development and a control group to enhance the participants’ ability to work collaboratively toward solving a shared regional crisis involving illegal activities which disrupt stability and security.