President Alexander Lukashenko is looking for a mobilization exercise rehearsal to take place after consulting with the Orthodox Church.

Lukashenko admitted that Belarus is part of the war against Ukraine, although he argued that they had not taken violent action against Ukrainian troops.

The dictator stated that military commissariats have and will continue to assess military personnel and those expected to serve in reserve. Once this is implemented, he implied that it should be done smoothly in each district. Additionally, Lushenko claims it had no connection with mobilization. However, recent reports suggested that the Kremlin has experienced several complications in attaining the desired number of soldiers, including logistical difficulties, quarrels between services, a lack of instruction, and a significant number of desertions and draft evasion.

What Is the Reason for the Russian Orthodox Church’s Backing of Lushenko?

The Russian Orthodox Church’s (ROC’s) endorsement of Lukashenko appears due to the Moscow Patriarchate’s ambition to preserve its spiritual influence in the area and its custom of upholding Russia’s geopolitical goals. Nevertheless, their decision to stand by the Belarusian President despite the continuous and widespread demonstrations against him may result in the ROC being alienated from its people and gaining a negative standing in Belarus.