One of my pet gripes with the Beretta M-9 I carried in the Army was how easy it was to in inadvertently activate the safety, rendering the trigger inert.  Performing immediate action and grasping the slide at the rear placed your fingers on top of the safety lever.

The M9A3 G conversion kit allows for you to convert your standard F/FS series 92/96 or M9A3 to “G”, or decock only.   The shooter uses to safely decock the hammer and returns the firearm immediately to firing condition upon releasing the levers. There is no “Safe” condition, so the worse you can do if you hit the lever is go to double action.

Beretta shooters have been waiting for this a long time.  The kit is compatible with all 92/96F to FS series pistols as well as M9, M9A1, and M9A3, but will not work with 92SB series I and 92S series pistols.




This article is courtesy of Mark Miller from The Arms Guide.