Two years ago, Blake Miles made a fairly bold prediction here on when he wrote,  “While you’re scoffing and wasting your breath, let me make a prediction: the 9/11/12 Embassy Attacks will be the modern Archduke Ferdinand moment. I’m feeling just froggy enough enough to make this prediction out loud.”

Today, we’re going to take some editorial liberties and augment Blake’s original post, It Has Begun, with some relevant current events.

Blake supported his original position based on his experience as a Green Beret:

“After spending time in Iraq buried in the intelligence reports coming in from all over Iraq, and reading other intelligence from from elsewhere, I began to get an appreciation for how big this war really was. Mind you, this was back in the Summer of 2006, when the pot was boiling pretty heavily. The intensity of our conflicts in the Middle East have generally ebbed and flowed over the past few years with no serious changes in the bigger picture until the game started changing again.

From the withdrawal from Iraq, the Arab Spring, Civil War in Libya and Syria, there has been a steady escalation of violence in the Middle East.

But relative calm can be found elsewhere, especially in the United States. Consider this, it is relatively common knowledge that sleeper cells exist within the United States awaiting their specific ‘green light.'”

Step forward nearly two years and what do we see?

Continuing Blake’s original post: What that green light may be is anyone’s guess, but speculation would point to something major on the world stage. Say for instance, an Israeli-Iranian skirmish or an Israeli attack on Iranian reactors. All speculation, but not beyond the realm of possibilities.