SOFREP provides news and information about the past, present and future of Special Operations Forces. Some of that information comes in the form of book reviews, whether fact or fiction, novel or graphic novel. Today we present just a sampling of the many book reviews and book recommendations that we’ve published on

Erik Prince’s “Civilian Warriors”

Brandon Webb writes: “I was standing in the bustling San Diego airport terminal on my way to Texas this week, and stopped in the bookstore to look for something to read for the long flight to San Antonio.  I glanced at over several titles, and then saw Erik Prince’s book, Civilian Warriors, out of the corner of my eye.  I’ll admit it, I didn’t want to read it at first, in fact I put it back on the shelf, then stood and stared at it. Deep down, I knew I had to read it and get Erik’s version of Blackwater.

There are always multiple perspectives to every story, and somewhere in the middle resides the truth. In light of all the controversy stirred up in the media, and political hype drummed up by the usual suspects in DC, I’m glad Erik Prince finally told his side of the story.”

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“The Trident” by Jason Redman

Jason Redman was critically wounded in a fierce firefight in the Al Anbar province of Iraq in 2007. He almost bled to death that night, thousands of miles away from his family, and friends. The note he hung from his hospital door during his recovery vent viral, and inspired many. The Trident is his story.
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I started reading Jason’s book on my way back from Poland. I had just finished a quick visit with some of our Special Ops GROM brothers, and cracked open the book on the long flight home back to Manhattan.

I found it hard to get through the first couple of pages. This was not because of the writing, it’s very well written. It was difficult because of the long, sobering list of names he placed upfront, a list of all the SEALs lost since 9/11/01. It hit me in the face like the icy winter waters of the Pacific ocean and sent chills down my spine as I sat in 40D. I paused, staring off into blankness long enough for people to start looking at me funny, then I snapped back in and read on.

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