Former US Army Ranger Iassen Donov wrote a piece about how Tier 1 units workout. He profiled three workout programs and the reasons for choosing each of them.

These programs are not for everybody. If you are planning to get a contract for Special Operations, you need to look at these programs. If you’re planning to join the combat arms, you should consider these programs. And if you’re past your prime but want to get back to the best possible condition, these programs may be for you.

But if you want to go hang out at a fancy gym and spend a lot of money doing it, don’t bother. After all, as Iassen says, these training programs “are meant to improve your physical ability in running, jumping, or duck walking to an objective and shooting a bad guy in the face.”

Go read Physical Training in a Tier 1 Unit, then sign up for one of the programs, or at least get into CrossFit, and reclaim your body.