Our first article on Women in SOF – The First Female Navy SEAL – was our first truly controversial article, and our first article that went viral. It was also the first volley in an ongoing editorial battle between Jack and Brandon: where Brandon is all for allowing women to enter SOF (for the reasons mentioned in the article), Jack is completely against it, referring to the concept as The Inconvenient Truth About Women and Combat.

What you see here is SOFREP at our best. We don’t force our writers or editors to toe the party line. We give them a topic and ask them to come back with the best they can deliver, and they (usually) do just that.

The Women in SOF series has been one of our most engaging subjects, and it’s one that we’ll continue to cover. This series includes:

And then there’s Kristin

The one thing we’ve been humbled and pleased by regarding this subject: you, our readers and members, are open-minded and honest in your opinions about Women in SOF. You don’t throw down a bunch of stereotypical and thoughtless comments; rather, you respond with well-reasoned ideas and questions, which shows us that this is a topic that is taken very seriously because it is all about Americans who want to serve their country to the best of their abilities.