The task of picking a handgun with the vast array of choices can seem daunting, but once you apply some common sense, you can get a model that fits your hands and your needs.

There is an old story about a Texas Ranger.  He was attending a social event with his family, wearing his issue sidearm.  A woman approached the Ranger and said “I see you are wearing a pistol, are you expecting trouble?”  The Ranger replied politely, “Why no ma’am, if I was expecting trouble, I would have brought a rifle”.

Pistols aren’t what you bring to a fight, they are what you have when you don’t expect a fight.  They are designed to keep you alive long enough to get to a rifle.  They make it easier to “have a gun.”

Given that the pistol is not a primary weapon, how much pistol is enough?  One school of thought is that a .22 (.25 or .380 or .32) will be fine because you will be at close range and you can “shove it under his chin and empty the magazine.”  The small pistol you carry is infinitely better than the large frame .44 at home.