President Biden has announced Wednesday that the US will be giving another $1 billion in military aid for Ukraine following reports that show the country’s struggles to find an advantage over Russian artillery.

“I informed President Zelenskyy that the United States is providing another $1 billion in security assistance for Ukraine,” Biden said. The $1 billion would include additional artillery, coastal defense weapons, and ammunition. The US will also send advanced rocket systems to improve information flow for the Ukrainian military. 

The President will also push for an addition of $225 million specifically for humanitarian assistance in Ukraine as the situation becomes even more extreme, with various areas of Ukraine having no access to clean drinking water, food, medical supplies, and shelter. This also includes cash for Ukrainian families to purchase their essential items. Since the Russian invasion started, around $914 million has now been sent to Ukraine as humanitarian assistance.

“We also remain committed to supporting the Ukrainian people whose lives have been ripped apart by this war,” he said. “The bravery, resilience, and determination of the Ukrainian people continues to inspire the world. And the United States, together with our allies and partners, will not waver in our commitment to the Ukrainian people as they fight for their freedom.”

The call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reportedly lasted for 40 minutes, as both leaders discussed the scope of the 12th US military assistance package. 

Since Russia invaded Ukraine last Feb. 24, the US has been the major contributor to the country. To date, the US has sent over $5.6 billion in overall security assistance to Ukraine. There are also 100,000 US troops currently stationed in NATO countries in the case Russia attacks further west.

The US Provides Advanced Military Weaponry

The Pentagon confirmed that $350 million of the $1 billion covers a wide range of advanced weaponry from the US defense inventory while the  $650 million was allocated to the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI) funds. The weapons that will be sent to Ukraine include 18 155mm howitzers, 36,000 rounds of 155mm ammunition, 18 vehicles to tow the 155mm howitzers, and ammunition for the HIMARS the US had sent to Ukraine along with four support vehicles to service and reload them, along with radios, night vision devices, and other equipment that may be purchased using the USAI funds, according to National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby.