President Biden has announced a new batch of military aid weapons packages bound for Ukraine as the war in the country’s eastern Donbas region begins to intensify. The security assistance package will include “additional artillery munitions, radars, and other equipment.”

“Today, the United States is continuing our strong support for the brave people of Ukraine as they defend their country against Russia’s ongoing aggression,” Biden said in a White House release on May 6, 2022.

This is the 9th installment of US military aid to Ukraine and is worth around $150 million. An unnamed Pentagon official disclosed that the batch of weapons includes 25,000 155mm artillery rounds, electronic disruption equipment, field equipment, and three AN/TPQ-36 counter-artillery radars.

“The United States has provided a historic amount of security assistance to Ukraine at rapid speed. We are sending the weapons and equipment that Congress has authorized directly to the front lines of freedom in Ukraine.”