What do I mean by Stay in the Shadows? What I’m getting at is to have a system to carry your EDC in a way that doesn’t scream ‘Hey I have a gun and knives on me!’. Carry it all concealed, but be able to access it and react if necessary.

The most overlooked accessory when it comes to any fixed blade knife (especially concealable fixed blades) is the sheath. If I’m going to carry a fixed blade concealed inside the waistband then it has to meet a few criteria. First off I prefer clips and not pull-dot loops. The clip must fit over my 1.5” Wilderness Tactical belt and be capable of wearing without a belt, such as gym shorts or surf shorts. If you’re wearing it without a belt then the clip needs to have a clothing catch on it, so the sheath stays retained on the body when you draw the knife.

Blade Rigs Sheaths | Stay in the Shadows

Second is that the sheath needs to be ambidextrous. What I mean by that is that it needs to accommodate your knife either way you sheath it. In low-light or under stress you don’t want to have to worry about which way you’re holding the knife when you put it back into the sheath. It also allows you to carry in many different positions without compromising on the blade orientation.

For those two reasons I always turn to Blade Rigs. Blade Rigs is known in the knife industry for their low-vis concealment sheaths. They were first recommended to me when talking with former Navy SEAL, Kyle Defoor about blade combatives and how to carry a fixed blade securely inside the waistband.

Other reasons for choosing Blade Rigs sheaths are comfort and mobility. Lets face it, if it’s uncomfortable to carry, then more than likely you won’t carry the knife and it will remain in a drawer somewhere in your house. Blade Rigs takes the time to design their sheaths in order to maximize comfort and mobility. Speaking on mobility, I wrote an article recently titled ‘Can you move with your EDC’. You need to be able to run, workout and go about your daily routine without having to constantly adjust your sheath or worry about losing it during rigorous activities. A good way to shake out your carry system is to actually go on a run and/or workout with your gear on you. I’ve gone running multiple times with my Cold Steel Braveheart sheathed in a Blade Rigs Sheath (no issues whatsoever).

Blade Rigs Sheaths | Stay in the Shadows

I recently picked up a Blade Rigs sheath for my SOG Mini Pentagon knife. I already knew I was getting a good product because of the experience I’ve had with my Braveheart knife, but I was still in awe of how awesome it was when I opened the box and put the SOG Mini Pentagon into it’s new sheath.