Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sends a message about how superpower Russian forces are in terms of war. The magnitude of their authority in the realm of weapons, tanks, and its troops is genuinely evident. But there’s a catch. Ukrainian forces discovered a way that weakens one of the Russian tankers it used to annex the country.

In April, since Moscow began its onslaught, it is estimated that hundreds of Russian tanks have been downed. The British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace estimated that Russia had lost as many as 580 tanks. Other estimates put the number over 1,000

 The Ukrainian forces apparently figured out how to set off an explosion inside this Russian tank that is so destructive that it frequently rips the turret right off the vehicle.

However, Moscow’s concerns extend far beyond the loss of tank weaponry. The “jack-in-the-box effect” is a term used to describe a flaw known to western forces for decades. According to experts, photos from the battlefield demonstrate how Russian T-26 have incurred this flaw.