Blue Force Gear has helped the modern warfighter redefine what a lightweight kit looks like with their Ten-Speed line of gear.  Constructed from their ULTRAcomp laminate, 70D ripstop nylon and military-grade elastic, the Ten-Speed series of pouches and chest rigs has drastically shed pounds.  With that introduction, today we’re talking about BFG’s belt-mounted dump pouch.

While BFG’s belt mounted dump pouch performs the same general function as all the rest, it also adds versatility and value.  The sack attaches either horizontally or vertically to your belt, fitting belts up to 1.25″ for the former and 2″ for the latter.  This dump pouch attaches via two hook-and-loop straps, which are incredibly strong despite their diminutive size.  Capacity on this bag is around 3.5 liters, or enough to hold 10 empty standard-capacity AR-15 magazines.  Weight is 60 grams, which is both impressive and consistent with Blue Force Gear’s commitment to ultralight gear in the Ten-Speed lineup.

Blue Force Gear belt dump pouch | Catching empties
BFG’s Dump Pouch, holding 9x 30 round mags and 1x 60 round Surefire mag.

The 3.5 liter bag folds up into a tiny package, tucking underneath the Ten-speed elastic, measuring 3″ x 3.5″ when stowed.  A quick tug on the deployment tab and you’re back in business.  There is also a cinch-string, designed to be activated with one hand.

Blue Force Gear offers up a number of potential uses for their belt-mounted dump pouch on their website (besides of course, dumping empty mags in them), including: