With the multitudinous variety of options we have in the tactical accessory world, it’s easy to assume one pouch is probably the same as most others. What defines a better pouch? Is it lighter, or is it stronger? The answer really depends on the end-user’s point and purpose for his/her kit. Personally, I want it all: equipment that is tougher, lighter and smelling of gunpowder. Blue Force Gear is delivering just that (minus the gunpowder smell).

Looking to shine some more light on their lineup of pouches, Blue Force sent over a double pistol mag pouch (DPM) and the aptly named “Boo Boo” pouch (BBP). The first thing you’ll notice about these is they’re really light. Hilariously light. So light, you probably won’t notice a difference in weight if you add BOTH to your existing setup. The DPM weighs in at 40 grams, with the BBP at 37 grams. I love it when my kit weighs in grams. I’m not as good as I once was, but when my gear weighs half of what it used to, I can still get around pretty well.

The next thing you’ll notice is how slim these pouches are. At the midsection of the body, the DPM measures .3″ thick (not counting the hook and loop belt enclosure). Just to show how thin the material used on the BBP is, I measured the top flap at .045″ thick.  You’d think at such svelte sizes these pouches might feel a bit flimsy, but quite the opposite is true.  These pouches both have a bit of a grippy, rubberized feel to them.

The double pistol mag pouch is made from Ultracomp (TM) high performance laminate. This pouch holds pistol mags, multitools, flashlights or other similarly sized force multipliers and it holds them securely.  Despite not having a retention style top, I was totally unable to induce an accidental release of a magazine or flashlight.  Stuff a mag in there and forget it until you need it.  It’s not going anywhere until you want it to.  With such a slim profile, this makes an excellent option for discrete carry while still being durable enough for tacti-kit usage.